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Funtime Scrapbooking 2010 new features
Rhinestones Rhinestones
This feature is an amazing tool that lets you realize beautiful rhinestones designs with real stone images, in the size that you wish. Includes easy-to-use functions that will automatically fill shapes, texts, phrases with stones or distribute stones on a path.
Lattice Lattice
This is a must-have for every cardmaker with a die/cut cutter. It will able you to create marvelous greeting cards, just by applying a lattice on any shapes, text or phrases.

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Color Scheme Color Scheme
This fantastic feature lets you create a harmonized color palette matching the color of the picture you want to insert in any scrapbooking template.
Distribute object to path Distribute object to path
This feature allows you to distribute shapes, text and phrases on any path. It includes a tool that duplicates the object on a path and allows you to set the size and spacing between every object by a simple click of your mouse.
Easy Swirls Creation Easy Swirls Creation
Creating swirls has never been this simple. This feature permits you to use smooth curves to create pretty little swirls that will add charm to any of your designs.

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Weilding Welding
This feature has been improved. It lets you merge shapes, text and phrases as you see it on your computer screen.

Funtime Scrapbooking features
Texts Texts
Lets you create letters, words and phrases in varieties of sizes. This software lets you use your windows fonts and any fonts downloaded from the web.
Shapes Shapes
Includes more than 700 shapes that you can change and resize. Shapes are classified by subjects and with our new navigation system it is easy to browse, create a new category and organize your own shapes.
Special Effects Special Effects
Includes amazing special effects for customizing your texts and shapes. You will be able to merge, applied scissor effect, outline, charm effect and embroidery effect on your texts and shapes.
Free hand Free Hand
This feature lets you DRAW your own shapes in the same way you will draw them with a pen. With this marvelous tool you can draw anything your heart desires.
Cut Cut
With a die/cut cutter and Funtime Scrapbooking software you will be able to cut out (shapes & text) with intricate details that your current house-hold scissors could never achieve.

COMPATIBLE WITH: SILHOUETTE, FunCut, ScrapSavy, Klick-N-Kut, WishBlade, Xyron, Signmax SM, Creative (mini, pro & mighty), Froggy, CraftROBO, CraftRoboPro.
Share Share on the web
An amazing sharing feature, which allows you to share your scrapbooking projects with your friend and other scrapbookers on Universalscrapbook.

Universalscrabook is scrapbooking community where you can search and download scrapbooking projects for Funtime Scrapbooking.
Auto vecto Auto Vecto
Allow you to automatically convert an image to a resizable shapes, that you will be able to use in your scrapbooking designs. This tool is a must have if you want to convert images from the internet.
The WYSIWYG feature allows you to transform what you see into a straight cutting pattern. This way you can overlap your cutting patterns without worries and cut them with your scrapbooking cutter.

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